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Made Exclusively for Mind-Eye Patients

Mind-Eye Brainwear™ is the exclusive supplier of the highest quality optical solutions for Institute patients. Brainwear™ products exceed current national standards for exactness in order to meet the Institute team’s exceedingly precise specifications, uniquely individualized following comprehensive evaluation of the whole patient – not just a patient’s eyes.

Clinical Applications

Mind-Eye Brainwear™ strategically applies new technologies for creating therapeutic lenses intended to alter a patient’s sensory environment by readjusting retinal processing and eye-ear integration.

Research & Development

World-renowned researchers are continually introducing new scientific discoveries to the Mind-Eye team. The Mind-Eye Institute’s research and development team bridges the gap between these new discoveries and their application to patients.

MIND your EYEs and your BRAIN with the glasses that you choose to WEAR.

WEAR glasses that make your BRAIN work more efficiently!

Typically, commercial eyeglass lenses are made as “eyesight enhancers” for central eyesight, but Mind-Eye glasses are designed to address peripheral eyesight and used as medical devices for retinal neuromodulation. Prioritizing peripheral processing is important, because some patients cannot tune out subtle movements or clutter detected from the corner of their eyes. What catches a person’s attention can be discomforting and trigger anxiety.

Mind-Eye Brainwear™ is not about enabling a patient to see with 20/20 clarity. Instead, it is about modifying light to activate appropriate brain pathways in order to address patient comfort. The precision lenses of these advanced optical products are one part; frame selection is another. The frames chosen also must be adequate for each patient’s needs.


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Newspapers and television stations throughout the country have been reporting on the work of the Mind-Eye Institute. Read the articles below to learn more about what the Mind-Eye Institute is doing to pioneer change in how optometric evaluations are performed in the 21st Century.

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